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Both the boy and the girl were still at school and met at school and they were both young.

But on March 7 last year their forbidden romance was exposed when they were spotted together by the girl’s uncle Ghazanfar Mirza as he drove past.They were consistent with blunt force trauma caused by a knuckle duster.In a statement the boy said: ‘I’ve lost my independence and I’m scared to leave home by myself.The shadow minister for women and equalities also urged the Government to commission research into the crimes and said she “hadn’t slept” over criticism she could face over her comments.The convicted men in Newcastle were mostly British-born, from Iraqi, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian and Turkish communities.

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In fact, the Bradford West MP said, the vast majority of abusers are white men – including, as recent scandals have revealed, football coaches and entertainers.