Windows dns not updating from dhcp

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Windows dns not updating from dhcp

Version 9.1.0 (Build 5945) Released 27 September 2017 1. New: Logos: new product icons / logos for Win Gate, Kaspersky AV, Lumen, and the SMS connector. Fix: Web Proxy: Fixed automatically-reported crash occuring when using the wrong number of arguments for some functions in script. Fix: Web Activity: Fix logging of web activity items to timeline on first run when it's disabled. Fix: Licensing: Crash in licensing panel if licenses changed while not showing panel. Fix: Services: Automatically-reported crash in call to Lookup Privilege in some cases relating to checking for port conflicts when starting services. Fix: DNS client: Automatically-reported crash in call to Get Network Params, now use Dns Query Config to enumerate system-known DNS servers. Fix: Localization: Resolve issue localizing modules that are installed in different folders (not child folder of Win Gate). Fix: Localization: Resolve issue with writing missing resources to file Version 9.0.8 (Build 5935) Released 21 August 2017 1.

New: Active Directory: Now works with multiple trusted forests / domains (Enterprise only). New: Credential rules: New setting to prevent inheritance of Domain Computer credentials, means no longer need to battle with system services that auth when restricting user access to web sites. New: Reverse Proxy: Can now set whether client cert is required on a per site basis for reverse proxy with SSL/TLS 4. Fix: Various: Fixed several automatically-reported crashes in Win Gate Management and Win Gate engine. Fix: Flow-chart policy: Fixed problem with list lookup relating to localised interface where the method sort order changes. Fix: Notifications: Fixed automatically-reported crash relating to logging notification reports.

Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed an automatically reported crash in the user interface relating to requesting credentials from the user. Fix: Telemetry: several fixes relating to missing prefixes.

Fix: Updates: Fixed an occasional crash where a status for a product is updated.

Version 9.0.0 (Build 5902) Released 20 December 2016 Platform-related 1.

Fix: AD Connector: Fix auto-reported crash relating to enumeration of inter-trusted domains missing certain DNS information. Fix: AD Connector: Fix occasional encoding problem for some arguments in LDAP queries. Fix: Help system: Fix auto-reported crash if fails to load 6.

Fix: Schema script: Fix auto-reported crash if script does not include enough operands for various operators 7.

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Fix: Services: Fixed problem with high rate of incoming connections. Fix: Win Gate Engine: fixed intermittent crash on engine shutdown. Fix: Localization: Made numerous hard-coded strings available for localization. Fix: Email UI: fixed display of email address handler restrictions. Fix: WWW proxy: Fixed issue in web server when serving files with % in filename 6.

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