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The attitude of the rabbis was that these people, Jews though they may be, are pursuing an ideology that is off the Jewish path and their skewed beliefs are going to pollute the Jewish people.

This is a splinter sect that has no place in Judaism, therefore, we've got to drive them out.

Not only was their idea of one God unique, they also possessed a unique sense of community, had a highly developed social welfare infrastructure, as well as a uniquely high level of literacy.

In the words of historian Michael Grant: Numerically...

Another important factor was the constant threat of internal rebellion and external invasion with which they lived.

The feeling that merciless fate and a cruel death lurked around the corner made one anxious and fearful.

(Perhaps all those hours of watching minor criminals butchered at the Coliseum created a subconscious of "there but for the grace of one of the 30,000 gods go I.") The atmosphere of impending doom was only heightened by all of the murderous intrigue in politics, by the general corruption, and by the apparent state of moral decline.

Following this mystical encounter, Saul disappeared from the scene to re-emerge some 13 years later (circa 47-60 CE) as Paul, a missionary to the gentiles.

This cult came to be so popular that the Romans named a day of the week ― "Sunday" ― in honor of Mithra, and celebrated the sun god's birthday in late December in conjunction with the Winter Solstice.

Loyalty to the state gods was further weakened by the Roman policy of stealing the gods of conquered peoples.

Such people were looking for stability, for a universal moral view of the world, and they were casting their eye on some more exotic forms of worship than the official state religion.

Their search brought to Rome many alien religious cults ― in particular the worship of Mithra, the Persian god of light and wisdom, who became identified with Helios, the Greek sun god, as well as Sol, the Roman sun god.

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When he re-emerged on the world scene, Paul introduced some revolutionary ideas, which at first caused some furor among the more seasoned Jesus followers.

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  2. Posting is really more or less for you guys, and because I enjoy entertaining people with my stories. So, I like to write oddball pairings (usually ones that are unheard of and I'm the one that actually came up with it -I just get drawn over to a certain pairing and become obsessive towards it -shrugs-).