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The sex education show online

Conservative groups and the media began to call for government action to stem the rising tide of pornography they saw occurring.

For instance the citizens of Wakayama prefecture loudly called for the control of sexually explicit manga [comic books] directed at children (Mainichi-shinbun, 1990).

It may be in any media and it may be legal or illegal.

However, this availability of modern pornography is relatively new.Production or distribution of obscene materials is illegal.Each prefecture can, with its own ordinances, modify the law as it is applied to persons under 18 years of age.Japan, an Asian culture with its ancient tradition of male prerogative and female subservience and 13 year post World War II period of legal prostitution provides a sufficient cultural contrast to that of the United States and the other Western countries investigated.In Japan, a definite upswing in concern regarding pornography occurred at the beginning of the present decade.

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