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It may take a few dates to see this, but you essentially may not know what you’re getting into until after you’re dating.

At work, they're the most caring and patient person in the building.

Congratulations, because in many ways, you’ve hit the relationship jackpot.

That said, there are some things you can expect about that single teacher you’re so into.

A science teacher is rarely more than an arm’s length away from another science teacher.But you’ll also find that if they're one thing, they're exhausted. And if you want to know what they're like on a night out, that’s a bummer, because they probably won’t even make it.They're typically asleep by pm every Friday night during the school year.Expect them to have the best work-life balance of any other faculty member.At home, they’ll lead a surprisingly normal, down-to-earth life.

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At work, the math teacher and the language arts teacher lead similar lives.