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Whatever the most likely cause, treatment usually involves sedating the pet, opening up the lump, and cleaning out what’s inside.

State media reports say the government told restaurants to remove references to dog meat from their menus and signboards — though it did not ban the sale and consumption of the meat, which is not illegal in China.

She was up every 2-3 hours last night and just was miserable little kiddo....still sleeping poorly today. At first give it to her during the day, just to keep an eye on her. I gave her some before bed, hoping she would sleep well.

In talking with the NP, she said to give her 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl. More than likely she will just want to go to sleep. :grin: Try this link: it doesn't go right to the page the website is He is a pediatrician and gives dosing info when the bottle won't give it to you for younger babies. I remember when my daughter was one, her pediatrician recommended 3/4 teaspoon, can't remember what I was giving it to her for though....

Perhaps a dog ran into a small stick on a hike and now has a bit of wood stuck under his skin, or maybe a cat has a draining abscess that resulted from a fight.

These scenarios are far more common than cuterebriasis.

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