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Clearly, archaeologists and historians share a problem, made worse by the methodological and evidentiary shortcomings of both the period and our disciplines’ approaches to it.Problems of evidence and visibility are compounded by our two fields’ shared bad habit of labeling lowland Britain’s post-400 material culture “Anglo-Saxon.” This practice has especially serious consequences when applied to the period’s pottery, one of the few durable artifacts that enables us to see the people living in this period.It is evident that Myres saw the decorative elements employed on these vessels, especially the prominent bosses, as ugly and un-Roman, and could not believe that the Romanized people of Eastern Britain would be happy with such barbarous wares.What is now clear to us is that the Late-Roman pottery industry was both dynamic and experimental, with manufacturers striving to produce innovative products that catered to and, perhaps, shaped changing tastes.

Before we can turn to the pots themselves, though, we need to outline the problems associated with dating and characterizing this material.Because of these twin developments, we have a relatively clear understanding of the evolution and chronology of the period’s ceramics, since we can date the pottery through the coins.But in the decade after 400, the imperial government ceased supplying coins to Britain, and many pottery production centers went into terminal decline.Before 400, Romano-British industries had supplied much of the population of the Roman diocese of Thus, pottery dating to the fifth and early sixth centuries is routinely described as “Anglo-Saxon” by both archaeologists and historians, and in the process, the people using it become “Anglo-Saxons” as well.As a result, several million British people disappear from history.

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