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I managed to ask about the lava flows and he grudgingly gave me a vague idea of where some of the samples had come from, but no specific references or even journal titles in which I could find the evidence for the outrageous claim he had made on television. [12] I never claimed that there were fossils on Mt. I do claim that one fellow claims he found some at the 14,000-foot level. Ararat is consistent with the type that's laid down under water under great pressure. The continents would be absolutely denuded down to crystalline rocks. ZINDLER: It's not a caricature, it's comic-book science [18] that you write, John.[hubub] MORRIS: We need to come to an understanding here! MORRIS: We really need to make sure that we're talking facts, that they're not your cartoon caricature... I mean we're talking rainfall and erosion and deposition; and these sorts of things are present processes that are studiable and understandable.

He asserted that over thirty literature references existed to document his claim, but apparently was in too great a hurry to name even one specifically. I have never seen them, and I have looked for them. The aspect of it's being pillow, that's a very specific type of lava found in a deep-sea trench and different things, that is recognizably laid down under water. As a geologist, trained in these sorts of things, I found lavas that in my opinion were pillow. All the sedimentary rocks would have been deposited in the ocean basins. ZINDLER: Now, if that mountain was ten thousand feet high, where did all the water come from? [20] And in those areas, by all means, I do believe that the flood account is compatible with the geologic data.

I told Wolfsie that Morris probably had read my ark-debunking articles in the American Atheist magazine, knew I "had his number," and was afraid to face me on television. in geological engineering from the University of Oklahoma.) John had been to Mt.

Wolfsie indicated that Morris was, in fact, familiar with my writings. Ararat a number of times, and had published two books about it.

We were supposed to be debating the historicity of Noah's Flood.

Henry Morris, be it noted, is the man most to be blamed for the recrudescence of creationist pseudoscience in the space-age. Whitcomb, Jr., Morris published the creationist "classic," The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and Its Scientific Implications.

The debate was postponed indefinitely, and I feared it would never be.

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That was the volume of tomfoolery that formed the basis for what is wishfully called "creation science," an attempt to make biblical myths look and sound scientific.

The debate was supposed to be aired on the NBC affiliate, Channel 13, in Indianapolis.

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