Premarital sex attitudes and behavior by dating stage

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Despite varying contextual circumstances, positive or negative perceptions of sexual intercourse appear to influence the onset or delay of sexual intercourse.Identifying the extent of adolescent permissiveness with regard to premarital sex and exploring its determinants is important for the design of sex education programs in Asian societies with Confucian-based cultures where the rate of adolescent premarital sexual intercourse is relatively low compared to western countries [4, 11].

Confucianism, a Chinese ethical and philosophical system established by Confucius during the sixth century B.Traditional gender norms may still be deeply rooted in the three cities, especially among females, while it is important to advocate gender equity in adolescent reproductive health programs, the pathway of traditional gender norms in influencing adolescent reproductive health outcomes must be understood, as must differences and similarities across regions.Delay of sexual debut is an important strategy in reducing the risk of negative adolescent health outcomes.Multi-linear regression was used to analyze the relationship between gender-role attitudes and sexual permissiveness.Male respondents in each city held more permissive attitudes towards premarital sex than did females with both boys and girls expressing greater permissiveness to male premarital sexual behaviors.

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C., was promoted to being the state ideology during the Han Dynasty (the first century B. Since then, it became the orthodox doctrine of Chinese society, and extended great influence to countries surrounding China like Korea, Japan and Vietnam, as well as various territories settled predominantly by Chinese people [15, 16].