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When a primary color is not liked, for example, this dislike is considered to reflect a deficit or unmet physiological and psychological need.

For instance, if an individual has a particularly strong dislike for the color red, this is believed to reflect unconscious anxiety within that individual.

Perhaps the most prominent theorist arguing that color preferences and personality are linked is Luscher (1971), who proposed that individuals with similar color preferences should also possess similar personality characteristics.

According to Luscher, the physiological reactions that individuals experience while viewing primary colors (blue, red, yellow, and green) reflect basic psychological needs of the individuals.

Performance is also affected because individuals read slower and comprehended less when performing a reading task in a red environment.

This study thus provides direct evidence that color has an effect on cognitive performance, suggesting that the cognitive impairments produced by color could be driven by physiological arousal.

Finally, Picco and Dzindolet (1994) failed to show that color preferences are related to self-descriptions, even when controlling for social desirability (e.g., participants favoring green and blue were not more introverted than those favoring red or yellow).

Consistent with earlier research, study III (n = 1245) indicated that yellow was preferred more by women than by men.

Also, as was hypothesized, our results suggest that previous research was inconclusive due to many-to-one nature of the relation between color choices and personality.

This paper asks whether people's color preferences reflect meaningful information about their personalities, interpersonal styles, and behaviors.

Surprisingly, relatively little research has been done to investigate the links between such variables and individuals' color preferences.

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