Managerleague online dating

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Your Club also offers you a possibility to train your players, get sponsors, expand your stadium, build facilities etc.Stay in touch with news, hire the coach and trainers, keep your financial situation under control, win matches and reach the top. Mostly involving your resources, dungeons, sieges, continents, portals and much more. You can build empires and enjoy the real-time combat system.

AD2460 is frequently updated with new content and functionality. The realm is a place where you can find all the necessary places and features.

Finally a web based business game where you can play and learn at the same time. Stats building, recruit mercenary, many missions, academy courses, trade functionality.

This game is not only fun, but increases your knowledge about companies and how they work.

Your residence is a room where you can eat/drink, look for clothes in the wardrobe or peek in the chest to find tools and items. After every beginners guide completed step, you will be rewarded with money. Take a look at the galaxy to be aware of the different planets in solar systems around you.

Visit restaurant, go to blacksmith, purchase various items, take courses in the Academy or try to get a job. Defense area allows you to build defense units and Shipyard area gives you the opportunity to build ships to your planet.

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Trading system, lots of different troops and buildings available for your empire. Manager League is a text-based football management game.