Death camp sex slaves

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Death camp sex slaves

Unofficially, some Thai authorities have received kickbacks from traffickers for allowing camps to proliferate.As far back as two years ago, the military acknowledged soldiers’ direct involvement in Rohingya trafficking but claimed — as top brass often do — that the corrupt officers only amounted to a few “bad apples.” Only now are authorities exposing these death camps with vigor.All of the Rohingya interviewed by Global Post were aware that the sea journey might kill them. We think, ‘Well, I might as well risk dying at sea.’” In Myanmar, Rohingya have endured oppression for decades.Their decision to accept this risk is a testament to their bleak lives in Myanmar. Even Rohingya with long family histories in Myanmar are written off as Muslim invaders from neighboring Bangladesh.“He’s a blood sucker.” MASS EXODUS By now, the ruthless nature of Rohingya trafficking syndicates is known to all — including Rohingya living on their native lands in Myanmar.

OVERDUE CRACKDOWN Almost every detail emerging from Thailand’s death camps is shocking.A purge of Thai officialdom connected to the trade has resulted in more than 60 arrest warrants so far.Panicked traffickers, fearful of getting arrested, have abandoned incoming boats and left an estimated 8,000 people adrift at sea.But equally shocking is the fact that Thai authorities have known about the camps for years.“There are actually camps still operational here in Thailand,” says Matthew Smith, founder of Fortify Rights, a nonprofit watchdog group that has specialized in documenting the plight of Rohingya Muslims.

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“We’ve even documented camps that held upwards of 2,000 people with captives moving in and out on a daily basis.” “Authorities have known about these camps for a long time,” says Smith, who recently testified about the Rohingya trafficking crisis to the US Congress. The problem is a lack of political will to stop this.” Thailand — like most countries — treats the Rohingya as an unwanted nuisance.

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