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“It all originated from nurse Maggie Knight,” said Chaplain Elizabeth Meehan, “She came out of a patient's room one day and said ‘let's do date night’ so a group of nurses and I jumped into action with Nicole Wood, our unit’s social worker, and it all started from there.” Maggie Knight, a nurse on 19-South, came up with that idea after noticing one of her patients seemed depressed and had been in the hospital for a few months.The patients on this unit are usually battling leukemia and lymphoma and are undergoing stem cell bone marrow transplants and aggressive chemotherapy.

To celebrate this ranking, hundreds of couples from around the valley visited the canal on March 17 to feed the ducks.“This is an exciting time,” says Robin Swallow, a Taylorsville local.“We have never had anything like this in Taylorville before.After three long weeks this date night came to him as a huge surprise.“That night, with my wife in the room, helped make us feel whole, ready to go back to my life,” said Richard Pearse. I will never forget that date or the people who made it happen for us.” For future patients, this group of nurses would like to enhance the date night experience by gathering other resources like musicians that volunteer their time in the hospital and possibly include a movie.

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And then we put a "do not disturb" sign on the door when we leave so that the couple can enjoy their time together.” The team says the patients have been so surprised and deeply touched that some have broken-out into tears.