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r Age provides a platform to touch and feel, try and experiment.

It is the place to go each year to see all the latest goodies presented in an accessible way and be surrounded by people who all share the same passion.

If he doesn’t want to date you, the dramatics won’t change that, but you could lose the friendship. But then reality almost never lives up to fantasy, so please don’t be too hard on yourself.

Rush is where fans, supporters, enthusiasts and newcomers to esports will be able to experience the thrill of watching SA’s top gamers and teams/clans compete for prizes on dedicated stages, complete with big screens and live commentary.

Even if you’re not a serious competitive gamer, there’ll be competitions for which you can sign up, giving you the chance to win prizes for showing off your gaming skills.

If he is interested, your chances of freaking him out and making the friendship awkward are much higher. Another possibility is that he doesn’t want to be in a long distance relationship right now.

The fact that he hasn’t messaged you back means he’s more than likely doing a phase out. There are literally 3.4 billion other men out there.

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Over the course of the weekend tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans descend on the venue for three days of gaming, technology, gadgets, and geek lifestyle entertainment.

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