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However, ESforce revenues for 2017 are estimated to be around m which equates to a growth 150% growth on the year prior. Ru expect that with the prior investments into ESforce, the company will continue to scale and a revenue growth of between 80-100% is anticipated for 2018, with losses halving as the business moves into profitability at the end of the year."ESforce is one of the global leaders and has built a dominant presence in all of the key verticals," Dobrodeev added.Imagine that an XSS work behavior which spreads over your contacts, send the same malicious message to all of your contact with a JS execution of stealing user’s session and act on behalf of the currently logged in user! We responsibly disclosed the vulnerability to through their Hacker One bug bounty program and they fixed it and rewarded us with a generous bounty, Thanks Original source of the report: Building a website, an application or any kind of business?

Combined with Durov's personal 12% stake, this gave him 52% of the votes."We are very pleased that the talented team who have been responsible for building this business will all be remaining with the business."The very obvious strategic fit with Mail.Ru Group needs little explanation and we will be looking to leverage our unrivalled position inside of the social networks and gaming in order to drive ESforce to even greater success.while Lev Leviev sold his 8% share in the same deal, giving United Capital Partners 48% ownership.In January 2014, VK's founder Pavel Durov sold his 12% stake in the company to the CEO of Megafon, which is controlled by Alisher Usmanov.

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Hi, I’m Seif Elsallamy a bug hunter from Seekurity Team, Today i will show you a critical reflected Cross Site Scripting bug affecting and could be used as an XSS worm but first let’s dive into some general information. It was started in 1998 as an e-mail service and went on to become a major corporate figure in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

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