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Resources contain special options for scheduling and permissions that are not available in user/service accounts.Users must be granted permissions to interact with a resource account.

Not only are Note Links a powerful way to create an organizational structure that you like, they’re a way to actually associate your notes with a variety of 3rd party services.Note: As a domain administrator, you also have the ability to manage scheduling options/settings.Resources can be set up to handle reservation requests in one of two ways: Important: A resource owner (assigned during creation of the resource) only has permissions to access the resource mailbox.For consistency and troubleshooting reasons, it is therefore recommended that you only use Outlook on the web to manage options/settings/permissions for a resource calendar.Because of this, the instructions in this document will be relative for the Outlook on the web.

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If the number is greater than 0, a recurring event is allowed that many conflicts before being denied.

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