Dating headshots a scam

Posted by / 21-Aug-2016 19:57

In 2010 Jan Marshall tried online dating, and soon after met a man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with.Less than two months later he disappeared, leaving her heartbroken and in thousands of dollars of debt.

One such campaign linked to online dating scams has proven to be especially damaging because it is powered by Necurs — the largest spam botnet in the world.Dating Affiliate Scams Dating affiliate scams are an extremely common spam tactic that enables cybercriminals to steal money from unsuspecting individuals by luring them into fake dating websites.In such scams, cybercriminals typically create fake dating profiles pretending to be, for example, an attractive woman residing in one of the former USSR countries.More than a dozen people have joined the group, and the first meeting is planned for January 15.Ms Marshall was inspired to start the support group after seeing a similar group in Queensland."The ability to talk to others who have had the same experience is a very healing thing," she said.

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"We are subject to fraud from professional fraudsters," said Ms Marshall.