Christian dating sites with free trials

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Christian dating sites with free trials

We know that ultimately, our satisfaction is in Christ.

Our trials are designed to wean us from the cares and distractions of the world.

And yet by January, I was only able to walk short distances and that with a cane.

I could no longer stand to preach but had to sit on a tall chair.

Paul says, "I want you to know." Obviously, Paul wanted the Philippians to know that his trial had served to advance the gospel.

Last June, I felt that first searing pain shoot down my right leg.

I would sit or lie almost paralyzed in pain, sometimes for hours at a time.

Of course, pain medication and muscle relaxing medication provided some relief.

In other words, we must take this verse and our trials and put them in the context of what God is doing in His world and in our lives.

For example, we know that God loves us, despite the fact that we find ourselves in the midst of trial.

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By the grace of God, the surgery, two weeks ago, was a complete success. Your trial may have just begun or you may be approaching that point of relief.

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