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Very few other names of the Kuman leaders are recorded in the primary sources which have so far been consulted in the compilation of the present document. He negotiated a protective alliance with his son-in-law Prince Mstislav of Galich against the Mongols, but their forces were crushed at the River Kalka .Numerous examples of marriages into the families of the rulers of the Rurikid principalities are found (see the document RUSSIA, RURIKID), but in only isolated cases is the name of the brides father recorded. After this the Kumans left Hungary, raiding neighbouring countries as they went.

They formed themselves into a federation of hordes, possibly under some form of central leadership although this was not sufficiently strong for a stable, hereditary central authority to emerge century Gesta Hungarorum as "a knight from one of the leading clans" who "came from the land of the Pechenegsfrom whom the Tomaj [Thomoy] clan is descended.The Khazars were autonomous from [630] after a civil war with other tribes, including those which were ancestors of the Bulgarian state and those linked to the tribe of Attila and his descendants. By the 9th century, the real chief was his subordonate, the beg or shad.One of these beg, general Bulan, son of a Jewish woman, seized the throne by 850 and converted his people to Judaism and was ancestor of the later Jewish dynasty. (-[750/6 Jun 751], bur Constantinople, Church of the Holy Apostles).The omissions are indicated in the Arabic original texts (but not in the French translations) although it is not possible to see how much has been omitted.The Khazars were a confederation of Hunnic and Turkic tribes formed around the 6th century.

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This marriage was arranged by Emperor Leon III to confirm his alliance with the Khazars against their common enemy the Arabs ([731/32]) as his first wife, KONSTANTINOS, son of Emperor LEON III & his wife Maria --- (Jul 718-14 Sep 775, bur Constantinople, Church of the Holy Apostles).